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Welcome to Galleen Hay Farms. We are a New Jersey based grower and seller of top quality hay, alfalfa, straw, wood shavings and wood pellets. We offer a wide range of products from Western Alfalfa and Western Timothy, East Coast Alfalfa and Timothy, along with grass hays, and straw. We also carry a full line of pine bedding from, shavings to pellets.

Galleen Hay Farms will delivery your product locally or nationwide. We continue to work out of Columbus, NJ offering pick-up services to our local customers. At Galleen Hay Farms you are sure to find the products you are looking at competitive pricing.

Explore Our Hay and Other Products:



Timothy-Orchard Grass


Timothy – Alfalfa

Orchard Grass

Teff Grass

Alfalfa – orchard grass

Western Hay

Western Timothy

Western Alfalfa

Western Alfalfa – Orchard Grass Mix

Western Orchard Grass

Export Hay

Double Compressed Timothy

Double Compressed Alfalfa

Double Compressed Orchard Grass

Double Compressed Alfalfa – Orchard Grass mix

Straw                                                            Shavings

Long Rye Straw                                       Rip-O-Bec SS Shavings

Wheat Straw                                            Rip-O-Bec MS Shavings

Oat Straw                                                 Rip-O-Bec XLS Shavings

                                                                 Super Fine Shavings

                                                                 Wood Pellets